Friday, March 23, 2012

The Crossroads of Palmyra...

With all the political strife in Syria, I chose the restored tetrapylon from Palmyra as our final set of Roman ruins.  Palmyra became part of the Roman Empire during the reign of Tiberius, but over time went back and forth between the Romans, the Sassanids, and as it's own independent nation.  Much later, the city was fell into sharp decline as part of the Ottoman Empire, and after being rediscovered by Western travelers in the 17th century, the city has been under off an on excavation by archaeologists since the 19th century.  Tetrapylons (like the one featured above...well, three out of four ain't bad...not half bad...cuz it's one more than two) were four part cubic monuments with four gates that were usually built at crossroads.

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