Friday, September 05, 2008


So, dramantic renewal of purpose.

For those of you who enjoyed the last go around, I'm bringing back the fiction blog for a new experiment. I'm going to try and right a serialized short novel in 100 or so entries...and a novel that's loose enough that I can incorporate something of the variety of styles I tried to bring to the short subject stuff in Experiment #1.

I've been kicking it around for some time. I've gotten a few entries ready, just so I can hopefully stay ahead of the curve for a bit. However, as these are all, more or less, more than a page, I'm going to be knocking back delivery to 3 days a week. Right now, I'm thinking Monday-Wednesday-Friday. (If this was all I did, I could probably do more, but with actual *paying* jobs and some art stuff, I gotta fit this in when I can.)

Come Monday, September 8th....check in at:

You can be in on the ground floor. You can have your pulse on the thumb of what's cool. You can make me look like I have friends, fans AND supporters.

How lucky are you?...I'd say you're pretty damn├Ęd lucky.


(And someday...soon...I'll...uh...get back to posting some stuff here...promise...maybe)