Monday, November 22, 2004

I Ain't Dead, Just Awful Sleepy
To my adoring public...assuming there is or was one:

Anyone still listening/reading?

After my stint on Team America (anyone see it? I've seen more puppet sex than you did.), I've not felt much like delving onto this thing. But I'm starting to feel like coming back to it....just not yet. C'mon it's Thanksgiving. I gotta hang with the folks.

When I get back however: more comics, more spaghettis, and more of that b.s. that you must love. Again I assume...but hey you read it, not me.

So whattya think? Welcome me back with open arms? Or at least wait until I make good on my promise right?

Good for you. It's good to have expectations.

Let's see if I can live up to them.