Thursday, June 24, 2004

"Whooaaah!...This chick is weird."
I'm coming into this very unprepared...

Dreaded Thursday.

Some part of me debates turning this into some sort of excuse to write some kind of story in here. But then again, I've seen some of the ones that do I'm not so sure that it's such a great idea. That's beside the fact that I would be deeply hurt and offended if I found that whatever I chalked up here soon became the next bestseller...for someone else.

It's also why I'm paranoid about putting artwork up. I don't want some other schmutz using for his site. Maybe I'm just a big sissy.

Of course, the text thing would just be a lift. Like plagiarizing a paper, you just change a few words and lines here and there. Course you still gotta be decent at it, to mask it very well. Chances are if you're lifting from a decent souce, you're not as good a writer, and you're going to get caught. That's simple enough. If you were good enough or bothered to try, then you wouldn't be copying and/or you wouldn't be a lazy-@$$.

Whoa, I better be careful, that almost got me onto a topic. Like the sad fact that you've actually gotta work for a living. It goes in line with my "NOT EVERYONE GETS TO BE FAMOUS" spiel. At the same time, nothing surprises me. Like the fact that I personally know two of the first guys arrested under the CAN-SPAM Act.

In that vein, maybe it's the movies' fault. The thing I always wonder is what makes them (ie. criminals) believe that they're not going to get caught eventually. Ok. Distinction. White collar criminals. In fact, only white collar criminals. Their kind of crime seems to always leave a paper trail a mile wide.

I'm willing to bet that plenty of people have held up a liquor store at some point and never been caught for it. There are of course people who've gone missing and no one's ever seen them again. That I get. I like to think they don't get away with it that often, but I can see where it's possible.

If there's money and product and more especially if there's paper, it's going to be found.

Not that I'm trying to build any better criminals out there.

Of course, it's like anything else. I wondering where the end is, but everytime there's a new security measure, then there's someone trying to crack it. I supoose it'll always be that way.

I know I've spoken with many friends of mine about this, but my personal favorite is still public relations people.

I will admit, from what I said above, that there are plenty of white collars who'll never be arrested for what they do, because they do whatever it is that they do perfectly legally.

For instance, I don't think that smokers should be able to sue the tobacco companies because they developed cancer. On the other hand, I don't think that the companies should get to lie to the public, hide behind money and lawyers, or be @$$holes about what they do (like all those documents they show in those ads and exposés and whatnot).

Same for oil companies. Nuclear power. The government. The car companies.

If you live near a nuke plant, you can't sue because you glow.

One of my favorites was a few years ago when some family crashed their Ford Bronco, and sued the Ford Motor Company. They claimed that Ford was at fault because their 1970's truck had not been updated to modern safety standards. They also had eight people riding in the truck at the time of the crash, which correct me if I'm F*CKING UNSAFE anyway. And updated to modern standards? If you were that worried, you shouldn't have been driving it in the first place...much less with EIGHT F*CKING PEOPLE riding in it. It was their fault across the board.

I never heard what happened, but I hope it was tossed out.

Now on the other hand, if it was a new Bronco, and Ford knowingly ignored some safety regulation, and there were say four people in the truck. Then I would want Ford to get its giant conglomerate corporation @$$ sued off.

Dammit, dammit. I'm ranting. And I didn't want to.

Oh. Public relations.

I still haven't figured out how people who work for a lot of these companies, knowing what they know, can sleep at night.

I kinda wish all the bad stuff would happen to them and their families, but only because they obviously don't care about the rest of the world since they go along with it. Sure you can argue that it's their money, their livelihood, and, in some cases with these companies, their safety. However, lemme put it this way: If everyone would give up on the Almight F*CKING Dollar, be men and women enough to be honest about what they do and make, then there'd be no need for the secrets, lies, and lawsuits.

Ok. Fair enough. I would've thought it was obvious.

Now, in the case of the government, there probably still is some stuff that the general populace isn't sane, intelligent or rational enough to handle. However, I still think that they too should cough up the goods on a lot of things...once again, some newspaper always gets a hold of it anyway.


I wanted to talk comics today, but was completely and utterly unable to come up with a topic from the past, present, or future. That and one of my favorite sites for research is down for some construction. Most of these things come from my own memory, but I like having a way to check facts. And then, when I'm really hard up for a topic, I just started coming until I find something I can yak about.

Also, I didn't buy any yesterday. I'm going tonight.

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