Friday, February 10, 2012

"...I say this from my heart...I've never liked you...Never..."

My final take on Comedians for this week is the fabulous Mr. Warmth, Don Rickles.  I've always enjoyed Don's work and marveled at the amazing speed and ferocity with which he could take apart an audience, patron by patron.  Even more amazing was ability and willingness to take down big shots, which is what made his tenure as Roast Master for Dean Martin simply amazing.  Don also has an impressive body of on-screen work in everything from Kelly's Heroes (1970) to Toy Story (1995). (I'm trying to remember which actor or comedian told some of the most hysterical stories of Don giving DeNiro a hard time on the set of Casino (1995)...I was on the floor laughing.)

And if you want to see Don's stage abilities both with and beyond insults (and see a lot of young celebs of the past)...Please, enjoy the following:

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