Thursday, March 17, 2011

"I said 'Good DAY!', sir!"

Guess I can't really call this one a quickie. I'd say it's rather obvious that it's somewhat more involved. At home, I've almost exclusively been using my quills. However, I have a regular drawing hangout where nibs and and ink well aren't really practical. (I've yet to find a pen that satisfactorily mimicked the action of a good flexible quill.) I have a variety of pens that I do like using, but I'd fallen out of practice with them, so I tried to get some warm up work in. I'd intended to only draw the gentleman on the right...then I figured, might as well do the fella on the right. I'd call it an artistic choice that I stopped at the middle-left gentleman...but that was the point that I ran out of steam. Still, a fairly good effort if I say so...

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