Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Someone go and tell the Silver Surfer that it takes away from the notion of heroic sacrafice if all you ever do after excepting the challenge is b!tch and moan about wanting your girlfriend and your planet back.

Can everyone in the whole world pick up a piece of trash and pitch in a garbage can or recycling bin?

How about everybody hold their breath for 25 seconds?

Can at least a handful of people spread the word that most popular books, movies, and music out right now are really crap?

Someone take a moment and tell a friend who or what really killed Laura Palmer.

Admit to yourself and at least one other person something stupid that you did.

Think about something stupid that someone else did. Have a good laugh.

Go and watch a Buster Keaton movie.

How many of you can search out a Jones Cola and enjoy the tasty beverage?

Either get off your @$$ and start excercising or quit saying that you will.

Can everyone make the effort to learn one other language?

Pretend for five minutes that you are Hanada, the No. 3 ranked hitman, and that the rest of the mob is out to kill you, especially Phantom Killer No. 1.

Find something worth crying about and shed a tear or two.

How many people can look me in the eye and tell me that their lives aren't as boring, soulless and repetitive as anoyone can plainly see that they are?

Read a driver's manual and actually employ some of what it says.

Who can watch Flash Gordon with the same fascination they had as a child?

Go for a week without any TV, and that means no VCR's or TiVO.

Remember your favorite candy from when you were between 8-11, find it, and consume one.

Try to figue out at what age beer suddenly didn't taste disgusting anymore.

Can someone go and tell these young pop divas that no one cares about the music, they just want to f*ck them, and as soon as that's over no one will care about them anymore?

Think up a list of jobs that people always claim are gonna be part-time but never end up that way, and figure out if you've got one.

Kiss someone, and do it appropriately.

Get off your knees.

Punch someone for the right reason.

Can anyone go to a strange restaurant and just order a dish and try it without asking what it is?

Admit to yourself that life was better before you knew how all the special effects and magic tricks were done.

Believe in something.

Read, like on a regular basis.

Can everyone agree that a lot of the time Charles Dickens laid it on way to thick too much of the time?

Use your imagination, for real.


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