Friday, January 25, 2013

"Only People as Intelligent as We Could Fake Such Stupidity."

William Henry Cosby, Jr. (1937- ) is perhaps one of the best known, well-loved, and recognizable comedians/actors in the world. He became a successful nightclub act in the 1960's which led to a string of hit comedy albums. After being cast as Robert Culp's partner on the hit show I Spy, Cosby would become a television staple for decades to come,  and would create and star in the animated Fat Albert and perhaps the biggest sitcom of the 1980's, The Cosby Show. Ironically, despite inspiring a number of comedians who would go on to become controversial for their acts, Cosby saw his fair share of heated debate over a number of comments he made about the black community during the early 2000's. That's largely why I chose to interpret an image of his longer-haired, bearded look of the 1970's, an affirmation of a jazz-playing real man beneath the icon.

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