Monday, December 17, 2012

Audrey Horne

I recently rewatched the pilot for Twin Peaks, an lamented the fact that it was far too ahead of it's time. Had it been made in today's current TV climate, it probably would've gone on for six season and a movie. However, one can't be too sure that today's shows would've existed without it, as Twin Peaks revived the dying one hour drama format. 

In any event, it naturally reminded me of my teenage crush on the lovely Sherilyn Fenn who played the playfully diabolical Audrey Horne in the series. She was the perfect segue between 50's pin-up beauty and wicked charm. The character was a stand out in the series who managed to showcase determined independence with just the right moments of tender vulnerability...see...there I go again, crushing on nostalgia. 

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