Wednesday, October 10, 2012


No shame, I suppose, in admitting that I have little formal training in painting.  If anything, it's unfortunate, as I have a tendency toward wanting to create work like the old masters...and the great pulp illustrators and poster painters.  The old illustrators tended to have a high technical ability and were able to produce dazzling energetic work with rapid speed and exactness. So, these last few weeks, after just having worked in water-based mediums, I was inspired to achieve something similar and set to work with my gouache to see what I could do.  When it comes to reproducing a specific style, one has to do some studies, trying to dissect the technique...or at least what you think it might be. This was the fist in a series of paint tests, using an expanded palette of colors and laying it down as quickly as possible. Not a bad first try.

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