Monday, April 09, 2012

...While Rome Burned...

To celebrate the piece I showed at the Hive Gallery over the weekend, which we'll get to some time this week, I thought a week of Roman emperors would be appropriate...particularly the ones with a less than stellar reputation.  We'll kick things off with Nero Claudius Caesar Drusus Germanicus, commonly referred to as Nero, who ruled the Roman Empire from 54 to 68 AD before committing suicide while on the run from rebel forces supporting Galba, the following emperor. A rule of tyranny and extravagance, when a great fire destroyed much of Rome, Nero himself was blamed, even though modern historians believe he wasn't in the city at the time and spearheaded organizing the forces that put it out.  To allay suspicion that he had started the blaze to clear land for his new palace, Nero blamed a relatively new religious "cult," The Christians, but his punishment went to such excess that it only worsened his reputation.  Also, he's the only emperor I've seen the rocked the weird neck-beard.

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